July 9th Results

Great day of racing on Sunday.  We started early Sunday, finishing Saturday’s race from 2nd round on and both days of .90 racing.  Even with an oil down from 300′ to the return road, we got everything done before dark.  The track staff did another tremendous job this weekend.  Drying the track twice on Saturday and having the track ready for 8am Sunday morning.  Even with the heat, rain, long days of racing and a ton of cars going down the track, conditions were perfect all weekend.

With five left in Sunday’s quarter final round of Super Pro, Randy Krause earned the bye run, Tim Armstrong was paired with Billy Boyko, and Vince Shrawder was paired with TC Smith.  Tim Armstrong left with an .012 RT to Boyko’s .025 and took the win by .005, running 7.610 on his 7.60 dial.  TC Smith fell asleep on the tree, Shrawder left with an .011 and drove by running 7.326 on his 7.31 dial.  The Shank’s .011 RT earned him the bye to the final as Armstrong and Krause lined up.  Only .002 separated them on the tree, Armstrong had the advantage .008 to .010 for Krause.  At the stripe, Armstrong picked up the double breakout win by just .001, running 7.598 on his 7.60 dial.  In the final round, Armstrong left first with an .028 to Shank’s .032 and held on for the win by just .008 running 7.592 on his 7.59 dial to Shank’s 7.306 on 7.30 dial.   After this weekend races Jeff Krushinskie remains in the points lead.  Jack Ostrowski closed the gap and is a few round behind, Vinny DiMino, Vince Shrawder, and Mark Price round out the top 5.

Five cars were left in the Pro quarter finals, Kurt Holland and Mike Mackey were making their 2nd quarter finals appearances of the weekend, joined by Soggy Dunn, Ed Sabo Jr., and Tom Mull.  Soggy Dunn, racing the ’68 Camaro this week as the Numidia Dragway Corvette awaits a new torque converter, earned the bye run.  Kurt Holland used a .007 RT to take out Tom Mull.  Ed Sabo Jr. left -.016 sending Mike Mackey to the semis.  Holland took the bye run to the final for the second race in a row.  Soggy Dunn took on Mike Mackey for the other spot in the final.  Mackey left first with an .037 RT, Soggy followed with an .020 RT, both guys were playing the top end game an Soggy took the win running closer to his dial.  In the final, Soggy left first with an .042 RT to Holland’s .023, Holland ran 9.844 on his 9.83 to take the win as Soggy broke out trying to stay ahead.  Points leader Mark Dennebaum took the weekend to attend the World Footbrake Challenge in Bristol Tennessee.  Thanks to his tremendous start to the season he still sits atop the Pro points by nearly 100 points.  Ryan Geyer is second followed by Soggy Dunn, Mike Mackey, and Kurt Holland, who all jumped into the top 5 after strong weekend performances.

In the Street quarters, Brandon Cox used an .010 RT to take out Gabe Earnest.  Dylan Biondo had the RT advantage over Joe Clark and held on for the win, for his third semi final appearance of the weekend.  DJ Clark took the bye run to the semi final round.  In the semis, DJ Clark used a .000 RT to take out Biondo and advance to the final round.  Brandon Cox took the bye run to the final.  DJ Clark and Brandon Cox are sitting 1 and 2 in the street points.  This final had no impact on that though as both drivers had to buyback in this one.  DJ Clark picked up the win with a .023 RT and dead on 12.790 on 12.79, Cox was .022 but got behind .016 at the stripe.  Its a 3 horse race for the Street points lead.  DJ Clark remains out front, followed by his dad Joe Clark and Brandon Cox.  Rick Hafer and Mike Mackey round out the top 5 from a distant 4 and 5th.

Sam Koonsman picked up the motorcycle win over Lee Burgess.

In the Jr. Dragster quarter final round, Shelby Wruble took out her brother Ryan Wruble, Gavin Shoemaker got the win over Dylan Biondo, Melissa Wilson won over Brai Tate, and Mark Price Jr defeated Lorelie Hoover.  In the semis, Melissa Wilson left -.010 red sending Shelby Wruble to the final.  Gavin Shoemaker used a RT advantage to take the win over Mark Price Jr.  In the final Wruble left -.026 giving Shoemaker the win.  Melissa Wilson continues to lead the Jr. Dragster points, but Gavin Shoemaker has closed the gap and is only 3 rounds behind.  Ryan Wruble, Tim Danley Jr., and Shelby Wruble round out the top 5.


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