July 22 Results

Jr. Dragster was the only class we were able to complete today due to Heavy rain coming in just before 1st round of the other classes.  Its the Eastern Conference Finals weekend at Bristol, Tn, so some of our Jrs. were away competing at that event so its a non points day for Jr racers.  At the ECF, Numidia was well respresented in the late rounds.  Lorelie Hoover was a quarterfinalist in the fun race earlier in the week, Jaiman Dietz was a quarterfinalist in the 10 year old age group and Liberti Firster made it to the final round in her age group, losing a very close race in the final round.  Great job to all team Numidia in Bristol.


Back at Numidia, we had a good field of Jrs. despite all of the drivers in Bristol.  In the Semi final round, The little tuna, Bobby Fortuna, picked up a win over Maura Evans.  Tuna left first with an .026 rt as Maura followed with an -.033 rt.  In the other semi final matchup, Shelby Wruble won against Gavin Shoemaker.  Wruble had the better reaction time .049 to .076 advancing to the final round.  In the final, Tuna left first with his 9.07 dial to Wruble’s 7.92.  Tuna picked up his first win as Wruble left -.039 too quick.  Congratulations to Bobby Fortuna on your first of many wins.

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