July 23 Results

The weather was far from nice on Sunday but the rain held out long enough for us to get a raceday complete.

In the quarters of Super Pro, Joe Barush Jr. in the dragster got the win over Kaitlyn Krause in the Camaro as Kaitlyn left -.003 too soon.  Billy Boyko picked up a win over Dave Daniels.  Boyko had a big starting line advantage held on for the win.  Rick car in the vega took out Dave Wruble in the Dragster.  Carr left with and .003 rt and ran 8.684 on his 8.67 dial for an .017 package, Wruble missed the tree .036 and had no chance.  Jeff Krushinskie took the last bye run of the race.  In the semis it was Billy Boyko taking on Jeff Krushinskie, Krushinskie left first with 8.26 dial to Boyko’s 7.57 dial.  Krushinskie left with a .004 rt and Boyko followed with a .009 rt.  Boyko ran dead on his dial 7.573 for the .012 package and got the win light.  Krushinskie got behind at the strip  .006, running 8.284 for the .018 package.  In the other semi final matchup, Barush picked up a win over Carr.  Barush had the rt advantage .008 to .033 and ran 7.833 on a 7.81 for the win.  In the final, Boyko remained locked in on the tree with a .008 as Barush missed it a little with a .028.  That advantage was all Boyko need to pick up the win as he ran a 7.585 on his 7.57 dial for the .023 package leaving Barush no room at the strip.  Boyko was killing the tree all day, in 6 rounds his reaction times were: .007, .001, .007, .006, .009, .008.  A .006 average with a .008 spread is very impressive.  Congratulations Boyko family on the win.


In the Pro quarters, Kurt Holland picked up a double breakout win over Paul Stravinsky.  Jeff Krushinskie got the win over Vinny DiMino as DiMino left -.004 red.  In the final pair of the round John Binkle picked up a double breakout win over Mark Price.  Holland earned the bye to the final with his .008 and left Binkle and Krushinskie to run for the other spot in the final round.  Jeff left first with a .006 and Binkle followed with a -.001 red light to send Krushinskie to the final.  In the final, Jeff had the rt advantage .026 to Holland’s .035, but gave the stripe back by .001 giving Holland the win as he ran 9.942 on his 9.94 dial.


In the Street semis, DJ Clark took the bye run to the final as Brandon Cox took on Kevin Fahey.  Fahey left too soon sending Cox into another final round with DJ Clark.  In the final, Cox left -.006 red to give the win to Clark.


In the Jr. Dragster semis, Jonathan Northrop picked up the win over Robert Croce.  Croce was behind on the tree, Northrop took advantage and held on for the win to advance to the final.  Jessie Biondo took the semi final bye run to advance to the final.  In the final round, both drivers left too soon and lit the red light, but Biondo was less red earning her first win.  Congratulations to Jessie. Both Bobby Fortuna and Jessie Biondo picked up their first wins this weekend.

Sam Koonsman picked up the motorcycle win over Lee Burgess.

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