July 8th Results

We had a lot going on this Saturday with great car counts in all of our summit series points classes, .90 racing, Jet cars, nitro Harley, fireworks and Ralph DeBruin Memorial Tribute.  Two rain showers on a day with no rain in the forecast put the schedule behind and forced us to finish racing on Sunday morning.


In the quarters of Jr. Dragster Dylan Biondo used an .046 8.058 on 8.04 dial to take the win over Shelby Wruble, who missed the tree and ran .016 above her dial.  Lane Kahley picked up a win over Jaiman Dietz. Kahley was .032 and .028 above his dial as Dietz was late on the tree.  Ryan Wruble advanced with a win over Maura Evans.  Wruble held the advantage off the start .043 to .057 and ran closer to his dial with a 7.932 on 7.92.  Gavin Shoemaker won over Robert Croce to set the semi finals.  Shoemaker was .036 and .018 above his dial as Croce was late and broke out.  Starting off the semis was Dylan Biondo and Gavin Shoemaker dialed 8.03 and 8.94 respectively.  Shoemaker left first with a nice .027 rt and ran 8.954 on his 8.94, a run normally good enough to pick up a win in the Jr. Dragster class.  But Biondo followed his .027 rt with a .003 rt, and ran dead on his dial with a 0 for the .003 package, probably the best package of the year so far.  The other semi final matchup was also a good race.  Kahley left with an .019 rt followed by Wruble with a .032 rt.  Kahley broke out by .010 as Wruble dropped to go .013 above his dial and advance to the final.  In the final, both drivers were a little behind on the tree and Ryan Wruble picked up the win as Dylan Biondo Broke out trying to stay ahead.  This is Wruble’s second win in a row as he also won on July 2nd.

Saturday was another $1,000 payday for the street winner with the 2nd Bob Mackey Memorial Street Series race of the season.  In the quarters Bob’s son, Mike Mackey driving Bob’s beautiful Dart,  picked up a win over Ed Sabo Jr. in the Monte.  Sabo missed the tree, Mackey did not.  Dylan Biondo driving his new Mustang got a win over Lauren Kanuik.  Biondo had a 2 tenths advantage on the tree and turned that into a win light.  Rick Hafer had the rt advantage over Joe Clark but took too much stripe and broke out sending Clark to the semis.  Sandy Thurston took the last bye run of the race, in her Dodge Dart, to a spot in the semis.  In the semis, Thurston got the win over Mackey.  Mackey was behind on the tree and broke out trying to stay ahead.  In the other matchup, Biondo left with the rt advantage but took a little too much stripe and lost the double break out race to Joe Clark.  In the final, Clark had the RT advantage and ran dead on his dial to pick up the win and the $1k payday.  Thurston was behind on the tree and had to break out.  With the win Joe Clark, 2015 BMMSS Champion,  moved into 1st place in the BMMSS points chase.

Six driver were left in the quarter final round of Pro.  Kurt Holland laid down a strong .011 package to take out Mason Fix.  Fix was .013 and took .011 stripe but Holland’s .001 pack left him no chance.  Ryan Geyer picked up the win over Mark Price, as Price left -.029 red, Geyer was ready with a .008 RT and ran it out to a 9.876 on a 9.88.  Mike Mackey advanced to the semis with a win over Roy Hall.  Mackey had the RT advantage and picked up the win in a double breakout.  Holland’s .005 RT earned him the bye run into the final.  Mackey left .016 to Geyer’s .030 and ran dead on 10.603 on a 10.60 to get the win as Geyer broke out.  In the final, Holland left with the RT advantage .028 to Mackey’s .047 and picked up the win by just .004 in a double breakout.


Six drivers were also left in the quarter final round of Super Pro.  Vinny DiMino left with a .004 RT against Jack Ostrowski who followed with a -.002 red light, sending Vinny to the semis.  Next pair up was Billy Boyko and Rob DiMino.  Boyko left first with an .018 RT, Rob followed with a .000 RT and ran 7.101 on a 7.09 dial to take the win.  Last pair out was Mark Earnest and Peter Biondo.  Earnest left -.009 red, Biondo was .006 advancing to the semis.  Rob DiMino earned the semi final bye run with his .000 RT.  In the semi final matchup, Biondo left with the RT advantage by .007 but got behind .003 at the finish line as DiMino ran dead on his dial in.  In the Final Vinny DiMino pick up the win over his brother Robert DiMino.  Rob slightly missed the tree allowing Vinny to take the win by just .002.

Jeff Stahl on the Ninja picked up the Motorcyle win over Lee Burgess on his Hyabusa.

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