Memorial Weekend Shootout Results

The weather really ruined what should have been a great weekend of racing.  Friday night street racing was rained out after a few time runs.  We had to battle rain Saturday morning, but the afternoon turned out to be beautiful.  Sunday looked ok in the morning, the Jr. Dragsters were able to be run but heavy rain came in the afternoon postponing the races until Monday.  Unfortunately Monday morning brought more heavy rain and thunderstorms that ended our weekend.  Thank you to all the racers and families that came out even with the unfavorable forecast.


30 Jr. Dragsters staged up for 1st round on Saturday, with Bailie Zepp, Jonathan Northrop, CJ Ketterer, Ryan Wruble, Richie Fluck, and Kiera Kasmer making it into the quarter final round.  Bailie Zepp earned the win over Jonathan Northrop with an .044 reaction time and 7.934 on a 7.92 dial.  Northrop was .034 on the tree but broke out running a 7.916 on his 7.92 dial.  CJ Ketterer picked up the win over Ryan Wruble.  Wruble had a slight reaction time advantage but could not run the number, sending Ketterer to the semi finals.  In the final pair of the round, Richie Fluck earned the double breakout win over Kiera Kasmer.  In the semi final round, Ketterer took the bye run to the final as Zepp paired up with Fluck.  Bailie Zepp lit the red light by just -.002 giving the win to Fluck.  In the final round both drivers dialed in at  7.90.  Fluck went red by just -.008 giving the win to CJ Ketterer who was ready with a .004 reaction time.


Saturday’s Footbrake class paid $3k to the winner, in the quarter finals Vinny DiMino, Brian Vollman, Mike LaRose, Dan Smith, and Soggy Dunn were left to run for the $3k payday.  First pair out was Vinny DiMino and Brian Vollman.  Vollman showed up ready to race he was on the tree all day and left .000 perfect in this matchup but broke out by just .002.  DiMino was .040 on the tree and ran a 9.062 on his 9.06 dial to take the win.  Next up was Mike LaRose taking on Dan Smith.  LaRose had the starting line advantage .040 to .052 and took the win running a 10.339 on his 10.32 dial.  Soggy Dunn got the bye run to the semi finals.  In the semis, LaRose took on Dunn and DiMino took the bye to the final.  LaRose had a .010 advantage on the tree, .019 to .029, and held on for the win by just .005 running a 10.341 on his 10.32 dial.  In the final LaRose left first with a 10.33 dial to DiMino’s 9.06.  DiMino got the staring line advantage .015 to .025 and pick up the win in a double breakout by just .008.


Saturday’s Super Pro class paid $5k to the winner.  6 drivers were left in the quarter final round.  Randy Krause, Brent Novitsky, Jay Ralston, Peter Biondo, Bob Kolibsky, and Josh Speck.  First pair out was Randy Krause and Brent Novitsky.  Krause took out Novitsky with a .003 dead on 5, .008 package.  Next up was Jay Ralston and Peter Biondo.  Biondo was .012 on the tree but broke out by just .001 on his 9.90 dial in the 1969 Hatari Firebird.  Ralston got the win as he was .008 on the tree and ran a 7.55 0n 7.53 dial.  Final pair was Bob Kolibsky and Josh Speck.  Kolibsky left .013 and ran a 7.105 on his 7.10 dial for the .018 package.  Speck was .024 giving him no chance to win as he ran a 7.189 on a 7.17 dial.  Krause’s .003 reaction time earned him the bye to the final and left Ralston and Kolibsky.  Ralston had a slight starting line advantage .021 to .025 but ran a 7.555 on a 7.54 dial as Kolibsky ran 7.097 on a 7.09 dial to give him the win by .004.  In the final, both drivers were .022 on the tree, Krause got the the finish line first by .012 but broke out by .004 giving the win to Kolibsky who ran 7.098 on his 7.09 dial.


28 Jrs made the 1st round call on Sunday.  The final 6 were: Lorelie Hoover, Bobby “lil Tuna” Fortuna, Jonathan Northrop, Liberti Ferster, Ryan Wruble, Ben Spotts.  The lil Tuna went -.007 red sending Hoover to the semi finals.  Jonathan Northrop got the double breakout win over Liberti Ferster and Ryan Wruble got the win over Ben Spotts as Spotts went -.002 red.  Wruble got the bye to the final as Northrop took out Hoover.  Both drivers brought their “A” game for the final as Wruble left .003 to Northrop’s .005.  At the strip, Northrop got there first by .016 but broke out by just .001 giving the win to Ryan Wruble.

Congrats to all winners and late rounders, unfortulately the weather did allow us to finish any other races for this weekend.  Great job to the Numidia staff for getting the track in great racing condition with all the rain we’ve been having and thanks again to all the racers and their families who chose to spend their Memorial Day Weekend at Numidia Dragway.


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