May 20th & 21st Results

With the recent rainouts over the past few weeks everyone was chomping at the bit to go racing this weekend.  Unfortunately the beautiful weather forecast wasn’t as advertised but we were still able to get both Summit Series races in as scheduled.

Starting off with the quarter finals of Saturday’s Super pro class a mix of 2 door cars and 4 dragsters made up the final six.  First pair out was Vinny DiMino in his racetech taking on Dave Daniels Jr in his S & W Dragster.  DiMino had the reaction time advantage by .005 and took the win by the same .005 as both drivers ran dead on their dial ins.  Next up was Mark Siegel in his Undercover dragster paired up with Brian Nolf in his 8 second Corvette.  Both Drivers lit the red light, but true start did not play a role as Siegel, the quicker dialed car, left only -.001 too soon.  The final pair of the 1/4 final round saw Ray Thurston in his 68 Cuda and David Hebig in his 7.0 S & W dragster.  Thurston got headstart 10.64 to 7.09.  Thurston had a .004 dead on 2, .006 package leaving David no chance with his .015 reaction time.  That run earned Thurston the bye run to final.  In the Semi final round, DiMino had a .006 advantage on the tree and took the win as Siegel broke out by just .001.  In the final, Thurston’s Cuda backed out of the beam as he set the transbrake, but was able to get it back in and killed the tree with a .002 reaction time to DiMino’s .016 Thurston then ran dead on his dial with a 9 for the .011 package to take the win.  Thurston and his Cuda were on kill all day taking out a bunch of great competitors on his way to winners circle.


Six were left in the 1/4 final round of Pro, Scott Tupper, Sean Steffey, Brad Northrop, Harry Bartman, Kurt Holland and Roy Hall.  The 1st pair out was Scott Tupper in the Camaro and Sean Steffey in his Demon.  This was a very close race.  Tupper left .006 to Steffey’s .009.  Tupper ran a 10.227 on a 10.23 dial, Steffey ran 10.500 an a 10.51 dial.  Steffey took the strip by just .004 but Tupper got the win in the double breakout.  In the 2nd pair of the round, Brad Northrop also won a double breakout against Kurt Holland by just .003.  Roy Hall turned on the red light handing the win to Harry Bartman.  Bartman got the bye to the final and left Tupper and Northrop as the semi final pair.  Tupper left -.001 to soon but Northrop left -.010 red giving Tupper the true start victory.  In the final, Tupper left early again but so did Bartman, Tupper was .008 less red giving him the win in back to back true start wins for Tupper.


With 3 left in the Street Semis Mike Mackey took the bye run to the final and Brandon Cox took out Joe Clark in  a double breakout.  In the Final Cox had the starting line advantage .033 to .055 and ran a 12.187 on a 12.17 dial to take out Mackey.  The win marked the first of the 2017 season for the 2-time defending Street class champion.


With 3 left in the Jr. Dragster semi finals Gavin Shoemaker took the bye run while Melissa Wilson paired up with Tim Danley Jr.  Danley left just -.003 too soon sending Wilson to the finals against Shoemaker.  In the final round Shoemaker had the better reaction time and ran an 8.818 on a 8.80 dial to take the win.

Lee Burgess got the Motorcycle win over Sam Koonsman.


5 cars were left in Sundays quarter final round of Super Pro.  Mark Morgan in his S & W dragster took on Jon Jon Ciccarone in his Undercover.  Morgan left Jon Jon no chance with his .005 7.520 on 7.51 dial .015 package, Jon Jon missed the tree ending his day.  Next pair out was Jason Amey and Joe Barush Jr.  Both drivers were a little behind the tree and Amey got the win running a 7.973 on his 7.95 dial.  Jeff Krushinskie driving the Allen Sinko owned “bad ass” firebird took the bye run to the Semis.  Morgan earned the bye to the finals with his .005 reaction time and left Krushinskie to run Amey.  Amey stepped his game up from the round before with a .013 light and a 7.977 on 7.97 dial to take the win over Krushinskie who broke out by .004 with his .016 light.  In the final, Morgan had a slight .002 advantage over Amey but could not run the number as Amey got the win running dead on with a 2 for a .015 package.


7 cars made up the quarters in Pro.  John Binkle used a .002 light to take out Ed Sabo Jr, Harry Bartman used an .025 light to take out Terry Neiman.  Mark Dennebaum got a rare .014 starting line advantage over Brock Moshier to take the win and John Reklaitis took the last bye run of the day to set up the semi final round.  John Binkle  took out Harry Bartman to advance to the final and John Reklaitis snuck bye Dennebaum by .008.  In the final round Binkle lit the red light handing the win to Reklaitis.


DJ Clark took out Tom Correll in the semis of Street to set up a final round matchup with Brandon Cox who was on the bye.  Clark shut down Cox’s hopes of the weekend double up with a .009 dead on 6 run to take the win.  Clark now has 3 wins out of 5 races on the season and it looks like these two drivers will be going head to head all season for the street class championship.


In the Semis of Jr. Dragster, Ryan Wruble got the double breakout win over Liberti Ferster and Jonathan Northrop got the win over Melissa Wilson as Wilson left -.011 too soon.  In the final round, Northrop had the starting line advantage and got the double breakout win over Wruble by just .002.

Spencer Jones on the Sled got the win over Lee Burgess today in the Motorcycle class.




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