June 18th Results

Sunday’s super pro quarters featured: Nick Solovey in the Daytona, CJ Drake, Bob Kolibsky, Mark Earnest, and Vince “The Shank” Shrawder all in dragsters.  Solovey held strong for the door cars taking out Drake in the quarters with a .007 9.695 on 9.69 dial for the .012 package.  Drake was .005 but ran .022 above his dial.  Bob Kolibsky got the win over Mark Earnest with an .010 7.149 on 7.14 dial .019 pack leaving Earnest no room.  The Shank took the bye into the semis.  In the semis, Solovey earned the bye to the final and Shank took on Kolibsky.  Shank left first with a .008 to Kolibsky’s .018 and ran 7.423 on his 7.41 dial for the .021 package.  Kolibsky ran a 7.143 on his 7.14 dial also for the .021 pack, but Shank got to the stripe first by .0008.   In the final, Solovey left -.003 red as the Shank took the win with his .008 7.425(7.41).  Jeff Krushinskie and Jack Ostrowski remain 1 and 2 in the points following their Saturday final round appearances.  CJ Drake, Mark Price, and Brian Vollman round out the top 5.


In the pro semis Soggy Dunn took out Jeff Krushinskie by just .005 with a .013 9.273 on 9.27 dial, Krushinskie was .017 and 9.154 on 9.15 dial for the loss.  Roy Hall got the win as John Reklaitis broke on the launch.  In the final Soggy left -.002 giving the win to Roy Hall.  Halls strong weekend jumped him up to 2nd place in pro points trailing Mark Dennebaum.  Ryan Geyer, Jeff Krushinskie, and Harry Bartman round out the top 5 in points.


In the street semis Joe Clark received a Father’s Day gift from his son DJ in the form of a -.004 red light sending Joe Clark into the final against Emily Sabo who took the semis final bye run.  In the final, Sabo took the win as both drivers were late and well over the dial.  DJ Clark remains in the points lead followed by Brandon Cox, Joe Clark, Rick Hafer and Emily Sabo.


The little Tuna, Bobby Fortuna made a semi final run in the Jr. Dragster class on Sunday.  Unfortunaly for him Melissa Wilson took him out in the semi final round with a .008 light.  Little Tuna was behind on the tree and had to brake out trying to stay ahead.  In the other semi final, Shelby Wruble matched Wilson’s .008 reaction time and took the win as Tim Danley Jr. left -.005 too soon.  In the final, Wilson left -.031 as Wruble captured her first win of the season.  The 5 in Jr Dragster points are: Melissa Wilson, Gavin Shoemaker, Tim Danley Jr., Ryan Wruble and Liberti Ferster.



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