June 17 Results

The weather forecast was terrible for this weekend and rain cancelled Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday turned out to be pretty nice days, hot and humid but no rain.


Picking it up in Saturdays super pro quarter finals, first pair out was Brian Vollman II and Jon- Jon Ciccarone.  Vollman left first with a .004 and Ciccarone followed with a .007, at the top end Vollman took the win with a 7.785 on 7.78 for the .009 package.  Ciccarone dropped to a 7.312 on 7.30 for a .019 package and the loss.  Jeff Krushinskie in the Sinko Flooring firebird paired up with Joe Cabets in his dragster, Krushinskie left first .015 to Cabets .019 and held on for the win running 8.231 on a 8.23 dial for the .016 package. Cabets ran a 7.763 on his 7.76 dial but his .022 package left his .006 behind at the finish line.  Next up was Jack Ostrowski and Brent Novitsky, Novitsky was late with an .034 and Ostrowski too advantage with his .007 reaction time running .024 above his dial to take the win.  Final pair saw CJ Drake take on Kim Smith, Smith missed the tree a little and Drake was able to sneak by for the win running .023 above his dial.  In the semis, Jack Ostrowski took on CJ Drake.  Jack had the advantage from the start .008 to .016 and held on for the win running a 7.306 on a 7.28 dial.  Jeff Krushinskie left .000 on Vollman who was .039 behind from the start and could not make it up.  Krushinskie ran a 8.231 on 8.22 dial for the .011 pack to advance to final against Ostrowski.  The final paired #1 in points Krushinskie and #2 in points Ostrowski, both drivers ran dead on their dial ins, but Krushinskie’s advantage on the line gave him the win adding to his points lead.


In the Pro quarters, points leader Mark Dennebaum took on fellow veteran racer Roy Hall.  Dennebaum had the advantage .013 to .031 and took the win.  Next up, Mike Haines took on Ryan Geyer in a battle of the Novas. Haines left .003 to Geyers .047 and shut him out on the top end to advance to the semis.  Brock Moshier took the bye to the semis.  Haines would earned the bye to the final with his .003 the previous round and Dennebaum took on Moshier.  The lights were identical to Dennebaum previous round .013 to Moshier’s .031 and Dennebaum again ran .010 for the win.  In the final, Haines missed the tree for the first time all day with an .052, Dennebaum was solid with an .021 and 9.083 on his 9.08 dial to capture his 4th win of the season, adding to his commanding points lead.


In the street semis, DJ Clark got the win over Brandon Cox as Cox lit the red light by just -.009, Clark was .018 and .008 under his dial setting up for the final against Rick Hafer who took the semi final bye run.  In the final, Hafer missed the tree .061, Clark did not miss with a .004 running a 13.039 on 12.98 to take the win adding to his points lead.


Kevin Twardowski got the win over Lee Burgess.  Kevin ran 9.520 on his 9.36 dial to Burgess’ brake out 9.724 on 9.80.


Gavin Shoemaker took the bye run to the final in the Jr. Dragster semis as Richie Fluck took on Liberti Ferster.  Fluck had the starting line advantage .016 to .059 and held on for the win running 7.937 on a 7.90 dial.  In the Final, Shoemaker left first with a .043 but Fluck followed with an .010 running 7.919 on his 7.90 dial to take the win.

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