ET Limits S/pro and Pro at Numidia Dragway

There seemed to be some confusion on ET Limits this weekend.  For points and money races the ET limits is Super Pro and Pro are 6.50 and 8.50 respectively.  Meaning the quickest you can dial in SP is 6.50 and 8.50 for pro.

Also motorcycles are allowed to enter S/pro, Pro, and Street as long as they fit into the rules of the class.  They must enter the Motorcycle class to enter another class.  For example: Street is an 11.50 ET limit class.  For a motorcycle to run that class they must be  “street legal” in conjunction with class rules and dial no quicker than 11.50.  Motorcycles running S/pro may run full electronics.  Motorcycles in Pro will be allowed a two-step.

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