Dave Hock Update

The night after Dave Hock’s first grandchild was born he had a massive heart attack. During the heart attack a lack of oxygen lead to a stroke in two areas of his brain. He was hospitalized for 1 month and has now been moved to a rehabilitation hospital to begin his recovery from the stroke. He has a long road ahead of him but is making progress every day. We would like to thank everyone who has contacted our family through calls, messages, and cards for their support. We read them all to Hock and he is able to acknowledge who they were from and their wishes for a speedy recovery through nods and smiles. Please continue to send prayers, love, and well wishes. Thank you! Betty Hock and family.

They are struggling with his health and soon his medical bills and are in need of some help. Donations would be greatly appreciated. Please have them sent to: Betty Hock ℅ Jennifer Correll 214 pine St. Kaska,Pa 17959.

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