On Jan 7, 2014 Mark Abram’s place of business ” Dot and Marks Auto Repair” in Saylorsburg, PA was destroyed due to fire. Mark and Stepson Bill Rusch both who race the “Magenta Dodge” Duster in Pro and Super Pro both make their living at this place of business. Due to the fire damage they will have to rent a garage and try and start all over until insurance decides what they are doing. Any help/ donations from local racers/ friends would be great. Mark and Bill are always there to help anyone who needed it, now it’s time to help them out. If you have any questions feel free to call me or email me @ gozinya@ptd.net or 570-460-6090 thanks for all your support – Scott Embley “E107”

Thank you and God Bless
Mark Abrams
PO Box 951
Saylorsburg PA 18353

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