July 2 Results

$5k Super Pro

Win- Brian Reklaitis .014 7.288 (7.28)
R/U- Jeff Serra          .012 7.677 (7.65)

Semis- Peter Biondo -.008 9.822 (9.81)

Quarters- Jon-Jon Ciccarrone & Brian Hoover

$3k Footbrake

Win- John Binkle .027 8.872 (8.85)
R/U- Joe Clark      .068 11.972 (11.96)

Semis- Paul Stravinsky -.004 9.282 (9.31)

Quarters- Tom Harhart, Roy Hall, Jeff Santin

Mid Atlantic .90 Association



Mid Atlantic .90 Series returns to Numidia on July 8th & 9th:

The Mid Atlantic .90 Series returns to Numidia Dragway after almost a 4 year hiatus from the Central Pa facility. The series that consists of Super Comp (8.90 Index .370 Pro Tree), Super Gas (9.90 Index .400 Pro Tree)& Super Street (10.90 Index .500 Pro Tree) is open to any and all NHRA / IHRA legal cars. The series has already completed 4 events in the 2017 season at Atco Dragway & Cecil County Dragway. Bill Hardifer (Super Comp), Hank Smith (Super Gas) & Dom Burgese (Super Street) are the points leaders coming into Race # 5 & 6 at Numidia. The series features all the NHRA .90 racers that you see at the Division 1 events and National Events along with some that are still around from when Numidia held a Lucas Oil Series Event in the early 2000′s. To sweeten the pot for this event track owner Bob Dimino & Mid Atlantic .90 President Rob Keister are putting up a guaranteed $1,500 to win in all three classes on Saturday & Sundayalong with a one-of a kind laser cut trophy done by S&W Race Cars and big checks courtesy of Inmotion Solutions. To enter it is $30.00 at the gate & $75.00 paid to Rob Keister before the 2nd qualifying shot.  Rob will be located on the right side of the track as the .90 cars will be parked on the other side of the track and working out of those lanes (Look for the banner). The series pays back at 3rd round loser. We will also have a racers BBQ on Saturday Night that is free to all the racers and crew who participated that day. If you have any questions feel free to contact Rob Keister @ Rekeister@aol.com or 856-332-2851.

East Coast Diesel Nationals


June 18th Results

Sunday’s super pro quarters featured: Nick Solovey in the Daytona, CJ Drake, Bob Kolibsky, Mark Earnest, and Vince “The Shank” Shrawder all in dragsters.  Solovey held strong for the door cars taking out Drake in the quarters with a .007 9.695 on 9.69 dial for the .012 package.  Drake was .005 but ran .022 above his dial.  Bob Kolibsky got the win over Mark Earnest with an .010 7.149 on 7.14 dial .019 pack leaving Earnest no room.  The Shank took the bye into the semis.  In the semis, Solovey earned the bye to the final and Shank took on Kolibsky.  Shank left first with a .008 to Kolibsky’s .018 and ran 7.423 on his 7.41 dial for the .021 package.  Kolibsky ran a 7.143 on his 7.14 dial also for the .021 pack, but Shank got to the stripe first by .0008.   In the final, Solovey left -.003 red as the Shank took the win with his .008 7.425(7.41).  Jeff Krushinskie and Jack Ostrowski remain 1 and 2 in the points following their Saturday final round appearances.  CJ Drake, Mark Price, and Brian Vollman round out the top 5.


In the pro semis Soggy Dunn took out Jeff Krushinskie by just .005 with a .013 9.273 on 9.27 dial, Krushinskie was .017 and 9.154 on 9.15 dial for the loss.  Roy Hall got the win as John Reklaitis broke on the launch.  In the final Soggy left -.002 giving the win to Roy Hall.  Halls strong weekend jumped him up to 2nd place in pro points trailing Mark Dennebaum.  Ryan Geyer, Jeff Krushinskie, and Harry Bartman round out the top 5 in points.


In the street semis Joe Clark received a Father’s Day gift from his son DJ in the form of a -.004 red light sending Joe Clark into the final against Emily Sabo who took the semis final bye run.  In the final, Sabo took the win as both drivers were late and well over the dial.  DJ Clark remains in the points lead followed by Brandon Cox, Joe Clark, Rick Hafer and Emily Sabo.


The little Tuna, Bobby Fortuna made a semi final run in the Jr. Dragster class on Sunday.  Unfortunaly for him Melissa Wilson took him out in the semi final round with a .008 light.  Little Tuna was behind on the tree and had to brake out trying to stay ahead.  In the other semi final, Shelby Wruble matched Wilson’s .008 reaction time and took the win as Tim Danley Jr. left -.005 too soon.  In the final, Wilson left -.031 as Wruble captured her first win of the season.  The 5 in Jr Dragster points are: Melissa Wilson, Gavin Shoemaker, Tim Danley Jr., Ryan Wruble and Liberti Ferster.



June 17 Results

The weather forecast was terrible for this weekend and rain cancelled Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday turned out to be pretty nice days, hot and humid but no rain.


Picking it up in Saturdays super pro quarter finals, first pair out was Brian Vollman II and Jon- Jon Ciccarone.  Vollman left first with a .004 and Ciccarone followed with a .007, at the top end Vollman took the win with a 7.785 on 7.78 for the .009 package.  Ciccarone dropped to a 7.312 on 7.30 for a .019 package and the loss.  Jeff Krushinskie in the Sinko Flooring firebird paired up with Joe Cabets in his dragster, Krushinskie left first .015 to Cabets .019 and held on for the win running 8.231 on a 8.23 dial for the .016 package. Cabets ran a 7.763 on his 7.76 dial but his .022 package left his .006 behind at the finish line.  Next up was Jack Ostrowski and Brent Novitsky, Novitsky was late with an .034 and Ostrowski too advantage with his .007 reaction time running .024 above his dial to take the win.  Final pair saw CJ Drake take on Kim Smith, Smith missed the tree a little and Drake was able to sneak by for the win running .023 above his dial.  In the semis, Jack Ostrowski took on CJ Drake.  Jack had the advantage from the start .008 to .016 and held on for the win running a 7.306 on a 7.28 dial.  Jeff Krushinskie left .000 on Vollman who was .039 behind from the start and could not make it up.  Krushinskie ran a 8.231 on 8.22 dial for the .011 pack to advance to final against Ostrowski.  The final paired #1 in points Krushinskie and #2 in points Ostrowski, both drivers ran dead on their dial ins, but Krushinskie’s advantage on the line gave him the win adding to his points lead.


In the Pro quarters, points leader Mark Dennebaum took on fellow veteran racer Roy Hall.  Dennebaum had the advantage .013 to .031 and took the win.  Next up, Mike Haines took on Ryan Geyer in a battle of the Novas. Haines left .003 to Geyers .047 and shut him out on the top end to advance to the semis.  Brock Moshier took the bye to the semis.  Haines would earned the bye to the final with his .003 the previous round and Dennebaum took on Moshier.  The lights were identical to Dennebaum previous round .013 to Moshier’s .031 and Dennebaum again ran .010 for the win.  In the final, Haines missed the tree for the first time all day with an .052, Dennebaum was solid with an .021 and 9.083 on his 9.08 dial to capture his 4th win of the season, adding to his commanding points lead.


In the street semis, DJ Clark got the win over Brandon Cox as Cox lit the red light by just -.009, Clark was .018 and .008 under his dial setting up for the final against Rick Hafer who took the semi final bye run.  In the final, Hafer missed the tree .061, Clark did not miss with a .004 running a 13.039 on 12.98 to take the win adding to his points lead.


Kevin Twardowski got the win over Lee Burgess.  Kevin ran 9.520 on his 9.36 dial to Burgess’ brake out 9.724 on 9.80.


Gavin Shoemaker took the bye run to the final in the Jr. Dragster semis as Richie Fluck took on Liberti Ferster.  Fluck had the starting line advantage .016 to .059 and held on for the win running 7.937 on a 7.90 dial.  In the Final, Shoemaker left first with a .043 but Fluck followed with an .010 running 7.919 on his 7.90 dial to take the win.

June 11 results

Five cars made up the Super Pro quarters on Sunday.  Mark Siegel picked up a win over Randy Krause by just .002.  Joe Barush Jr. got the win over Brent Novitsky.  Barush was .004 to Novitsky’s .044 and ran 7.828 on his 7.79 dial.  Jeff Krushinskie took the bye run to the semis.  In the semi final round.  Joe Barush took the bye run and Siegel paired up with Krushinskie.  Siegel picked up the win with a .001 package.  Siegel was .001 and ran 7.750 on his 7.75 dial.  Krushinskie lost with a .013 package (.005 8.228 on 8.22 dial).  In the final Siegel held the starting line advantage .017 to .023 and got the win light running a 7.755 on a 7.75 dial.  His .022 package left Barush no room with his .023 light.


In the quarters of Pro, Jeff Krushinskie got the win over Mark Dennebaum as Dennebaum left -.014 red.  Don Garloff won over Vinny DiMino, both drivers were late .050 to .054.  Garloff ran 9.190 on his 9.19 dial, DiMino broke out by .005 taking .001 stripe.  Last pair of the round was Kurt Holland and Al Shaver.  Holland didn’t take the grocery getter lightly, with an .010 and 9.910 on a 9.91 dial.  With that run Holland earned the bye to the final and left Krushinskie and Garloff.  Krushinskie left .010 to Garloss’s .030.  Jeff Picked up the win with a 9.126 on 9.11 dial.  Garloff broke out trying to stay ahead.  In the final, Holland left -.006 giving the win to Krushinskie.


In the street semis Brandon Cox won over DJ Clark.  Cox was .014 dead on 7 for the .021 package.  Clark left .005 but took too much stripe and broke out by .005.  Kaitlyn Krause took the bye run to the final round.  In the final, Cox picked up the win as Krause went -.012 red.


Another big field of Jrs took to the track Sunday.  Jarrod Kissinger, Tim Danley JR, Melissa Wilson, Sammy Sabo, and Lane Kahley were left in the quarters.  Kissinger picked up the win over Danley, Wilson won over Sabo, and Kahley took the bye run.  Kahley had engine troubles on his bye run and was unable to make the call for the semi finals, setting up a final round matchup between Kissinger and Wilson.  Wilson left with the advantage .009 to .053 and held on for the win with a 8.012 on her 8.00 dial.


Sam Koonsman took the Motorcycle win over Grayson Waldbrunn.