June 9th Results

With 6 cars left in the Jr. Dragster category, Lane Kahley picked up a win over Matt Schell, Melissa Wilson won over Gavin Shoemaker, and Nathan Mendenhall took out Ryan Wruble.  In the Semis, Mendenhall took the buy run to the final as Wilson paired up with Kahley.  Wilson had a big starting line advantage and held on for the win running 7.946 on a 7.90 dial.  In the Final, Mendenhall left first with a .009 to an uncharacteristically late .077 for Wilson and it was Mendenhall picking up the win in a double breakout running 8.108 on his 8.11 dial.

In the Street semis, Mike Mackey used an .010 reaction time advantage to pick up a win over Joe Clark and Emily Sabo took a bye run to the final.  In the Final, Sabo held a .008 rt advantage but couldn’t cover the dial as Mackey ran a 12.189 on his 12.16 dial for the his 2nd Street win in as many races.

Down to 5 cars in the pro Category, Scott Tupper paired up with Paul Stravinsky.  Both drivers left with .026 reaction times, Stravinsky got to the stripe first but broke out by .005 as Tupper dropped to .017 above his dial.  Steve VanCraynest picked up another wound with a win over Kevin Mendenhall.  VanCraynest held a .002 reaction time advantage and ran 9.301 on his 9.29 dial to edge out Mendenhall as Vinny DiMino took the bye run down to 3 cars.  In the semis, all three drivers had previously earned a bye run so DiMino got the very rare back to back byes courtesy of his .003 reaction time the previous round and Tupper paired with VanCraynest.  Tupper left with the rt advantage .009 to an .046 but took too much stripe and broke out as VanCraynest ran 9.299 on his 9.29 dial to move into the final round.  In the Final, VanCraynest left first with a .005 rt and DiMino followed with an .016 at the finish line, VanCraynest left DiMino no room running 9.298 on his 9.29 dial for the .013 package.  DiMino dropped to an 8.993 on his 8.98 dial, DiMino’s runner-up was his 3rd in as many points races.

Eight were left in the Super Pro quarters, Brian Reklaitis used a .000 RT to get the win over Rob Bennett, George Miller Moved on as Mark Earnest left -.009, Jason Wilson used a .007 RT to take out Tim Armstrong, and Dalton Roles picked up another round as Kyle Bigley left -.002.  In the semis, it was Roles leaving -.002 to send Miller to the finals and Wilson leaving -.003 to send Reklaitis to the final.  In the final, Reklaitis left .015 to Miller’s .033, Reklaitis ran a 7.211 on his 7.20 dial for the .026 package leaving Miller no room.


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