Team Numidia wins 2015 team Championships

Team Numidia, led by several strong performances, captured their 3rd team championship (2011, 12, 15) at the 2015 NHRA D1 Bracket Finals.  The run to the championship started on Friday afternoon when Soggy Dunn won the pro race of champions for the second consecutive year.  Mark Schwalm finished as the runner-up in the motorcycle race of champions, but that was only the beginning of his weekend as he went on to win the race on Saturday earning his first division title and a trip to Pomona to run for a national championship.  Due to new rules in the national championship format Soggy Dunn will also take the trip to Pomona as the 8th car in the field.  The High School class was won by a very motivated Brent Novitsky.  Team Numidia got off to a strong start taking the points lead early on Saturday and never looking back, finishing with 22 points more than the 2nd place track, Cecil County Dragway.  Several deep finishes in multiple categories, most notably Jesse Alberts runner-up finish in the pro category, led to the championship.  Jesse was not alone in the lanes late as 3 of the final 5 cars in pro belong to Numidia.  Jeff Krushinskie and Michael Koser ended their weekends with quarter final finishes.  Team Numidia also had a strong presence late in the super pro category.  4 0f the final 9 were team ND, Randy Krause, Kyle Bigley, and Steve Cardamone went down with 9 left.  2 time NHRA D1 Bracket Finals Champion Vinny DiMino took his chase of a 3rd title down to a semi final finish.  There were many other Team ND members going rounds on Saturday, notably Brandon Cox in street and “The Shank” Vince Shrawder in super.  Congratulations to all Team Numidia members.

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