2017 Race TechSuper ProI started racing in 1983 with my street car.39 yearsWinning a track championship, winning some money races and beating Pete Biondo by .001. 😂I gave Joe Krushinskie a cigarette at bracket finals while we were waiting for pictures in the winners circle and he took a puff and passed out. He came to just as a male paramedic was ready to give him mouth to mouth. He probably didn't think it was funny at the time but I thought it was hilarious. That's just one of so many…..I'd have to say I Bob DiMino for giving us the best place to race hands down.Tom Zimmerman from Kool Kar Performance for everything he does to make my car print tickets. My wife Lisa because if I don't mention her she'll be pissed. And Robert "The Shootout Specialist" DiMino .Just keep doing what I'm doing and teach my grandkids how to race.
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