New Classes for Street Legal Drags

For 18 years we have had the same 4 options for our Friday Night Street racers to choose from.  For the 2024 season we are going to change things up slightly.  Main change is that we are going to replace the Street Auto and Street Stick classes with 2 new options: Pure Street and Hot Street.  Outlaw will still be an option for the full race cars and we will still have a class for Motorcycles.  Test and Tune will also still be an option for those that only want to make time runs and not enter a competition class.

Pure Street: “daily driver” type class

  • DOT Tires Only
  • 11.50 low dial
  • No Transbrakes or 2-Steps

Hot Street: This is for the quicker “street cars”

  • DOT Drag radial tires allowed
  • Can dial faster than 11.50


  • Race Slicks
  • Transbrakes allowed
  • Can use a delay box, but there is no Cross-talk



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