June 10th Results

This Saturday was “Wally” Day at Numidia Dragway with the Jr. Dragster challenge and “All Access” Challenge.  Drivers in all classes were racing points, money and the Wally.


Another big field of Jr. Dragsters showed up this weekend.  It would take 6 win lights to walk away with the Wally.  Drivers advancing to the quarterfinal round were: Gavin Roth, Landon Palmer, Kevin Kohr, Jarrod Kissinger, Lorelie Hoover, and Lane Kahley.  First pair out was Jarrod Kissiner and Kevin Kohr.  Kohr, Numidia’s 2016 Jr. Dragster Champ, was making his first appearance of the 2017 season.  Unfortunately he went -.014 red and gave the win to Kissinger, who was .004 and .021 over his dial for the .025 package.  Next up was Lorelie Hoover and Landon Palmer.  Palmer also went red -.017 to send Hoover to the semi final round.  Final pair of the round saw Lane Kahley and Gavin Roth.  Kahley used his .012 reaction time to take the win as Roth missed the tree.  Kissinger earned the bye to the final and Hoover took on Kahley.  Hoover had the reaction advantage .017 to .034 but couldn’t run the number allowing Kahley to take the win.  In the final, Kahley used an .040 reaction time and dead-on 7.971 pass to take the win.  Kissinger was behind on the tree and had to breakout.


In the Motorcycle Final it was a pair of Hyabusas as Jeff Santin took the win over Sam Koonsman.



With 6 left in the quarter final round of street, last week’s $1,000 BMMSS winner Gabe Earnest advanced to the semis with a win over Emily Sabo, who picked up the win in the Friday night street class.  Current points leader DJ Clark took out Kevin Fahey in a close race. Clark was .030 to Fahey’s .043 and both drivers ran .015 above their dial ins giving Clark the win by just .013.  Final pair of the round was 2 time defending class champ Brandon Cox and Rick Hafer.  Hafer had the reaction advantage but broke out giving Cox the win.  In the Semis, Clark earned the bye to the final as Earnest paired up with Cox.  Both drivers left with .019 reaction times.  At the stripe, Earnest dropped to an 11.954 on 11.94 forcing Cox to break out.  In the Final, Earnest left with the starting line advantage .014 to .025 and took .001 strip take the win.  Back to Back wins for Gabe Earnest earning $1,000 last week and a Wally this week.


In the Pro class quarter finals, Soggy Dunn got the win over Bob Conway.  Both drivers were .012 on the tree, Conway slowed to a 10.534 on 10.43 dial allowing Dunn to take the win.  David Novinger picked up the win over Steve Lening as Lening went -.008 red, Novinger was .006.  Pro class points leader Mark Dennebaum picked up the win over Neil King.  Dennebaum had the starting line advantage .039 to .051 and ran a 9.094 on a 9.09 dial to take the win.  Final pair was Charley Shoener and Jeff Santin.  Santin on the Hayabusa left -.003 sending Shoener to the semis.  In the semis, Soggy picked up the win over Shoener as he went red.  Soggy was .009 and ran a 9.191 on a 9.19 dial.  Novinger took out Dennebaum with a .011 light and 9.750 on 9.74 dial, Dennebaum was behind on the tree and broke out.  In the final, Soggy picked up the win with a .037 and 9.200 on 9.19 dial, Novinger was .050 and ran 9.737 on a 9.73 dial.



In the Super Pro quarter finals, Dave Daniels Jr. got the win ove CJ Drake.  Drake had the starting line advantage but gave up the strip giving the win to Daniels.  Bob Kolibsky picked up the win over Joe Cabets.  Kolibsky was .023 running 7.086 on his 7.08 dial.  Finail pair was Sean Serra and Steve Sperone.  Serra got the win with a .014 and 7.492 on 7.49 dial as Sperone was behind on the tree and had to breakout.  Serra earned the byr to the final and Kolibsky took on Daniels.  Kolibsky left with a .008 light and ran 7.080 on 7.08 dial for the .008 package, leaving Daniels no chance with his .012 reaction.  In the final Serra had the starting line advantage .006 to .017 but couldn’t cover the dial allowing Kolibsky to get by running 7.095 on his 7.08 dial.  Kolibsky picked up a $5k win just a few weeks ago on Memorial weekend.





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