The Bob Mackey Memorial Street Series


2020 Dates- TBD

$1,000 to the winner of the street class for the normal entry fee of $35.  Drivers earn summit series points as well as points for the 4 race BMMSS.  The driver who accumulates the most points will earn a $1,000 payday at the end of the series. **No points sign-up required. Enter the race and earn points. How Points are earned: 10 points per rd. win Bonus points for quarters (1), Semis (2), R/U (3), and Winner (4) No points for Buyback Round Buybacks can earn points

2013 Champion- Tom Harhart
2014 Champion- Tom Harhart
2015 Champion- Joe Clark
2016 Champion- Denny Renninger
2017 Champion- Joe Clark
2018 Champion- Dylan Biondo

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