Labor Day Weekend- Northeast Sportsman Nationals


Pro-Dial Class July 28th

Pro Dial Rules:

  • .500 Pro Tree
  • Full bodied street appearing cars only
  • Throttle stops/controllers, delay boxes/devices PROHIBITED
  • After market automatic shifters or shifting devices PROHIBITED.  Car must be either shifted by the driver or be OEM.
  • Transbrake and two-step permitted
  • Deep Staging allowed, but auto-start will be on at all times
  • $55-entry
  • $30-buyback


1-8 Entries: Purse prorated for % of entries
9-12- $200 win, $100 RU, $50 Semis
13-24-$300 win, $125 RU, $50 Semis
25-32-$550 win, $250 RU, $100 Semis
32+- $800 Win, $450 RU, $100 Semis, $50 Quarters


June 9th Results

With 6 cars left in the Jr. Dragster category, Lane Kahley picked up a win over Matt Schell, Melissa Wilson won over Gavin Shoemaker, and Nathan Mendenhall took out Ryan Wruble.  In the Semis, Mendenhall took the buy run to the final as Wilson paired up with Kahley.  Wilson had a big starting line advantage and held on for the win running 7.946 on a 7.90 dial.  In the Final, Mendenhall left first with a .009 to an uncharacteristically late .077 for Wilson and it was Mendenhall picking up the win in a double breakout running 8.108 on his 8.11 dial.

In the Street semis, Mike Mackey used an .010 reaction time advantage to pick up a win over Joe Clark and Emily Sabo took a bye run to the final.  In the Final, Sabo held a .008 rt advantage but couldn’t cover the dial as Mackey ran a 12.189 on his 12.16 dial for the his 2nd Street win in as many races.

Down to 5 cars in the pro Category, Scott Tupper paired up with Paul Stravinsky.  Both drivers left with .026 reaction times, Stravinsky got to the stripe first but broke out by .005 as Tupper dropped to .017 above his dial.  Steve VanCraynest picked up another wound with a win over Kevin Mendenhall.  VanCraynest held a .002 reaction time advantage and ran 9.301 on his 9.29 dial to edge out Mendenhall as Vinny DiMino took the bye run down to 3 cars.  In the semis, all three drivers had previously earned a bye run so DiMino got the very rare back to back byes courtesy of his .003 reaction time the previous round and Tupper paired with VanCraynest.  Tupper left with the rt advantage .009 to an .046 but took too much stripe and broke out as VanCraynest ran 9.299 on his 9.29 dial to move into the final round.  In the Final, VanCraynest left first with a .005 rt and DiMino followed with an .016 at the finish line, VanCraynest left DiMino no room running 9.298 on his 9.29 dial for the .013 package.  DiMino dropped to an 8.993 on his 8.98 dial, DiMino’s runner-up was his 3rd in as many points races.

Eight were left in the Super Pro quarters, Brian Reklaitis used a .000 RT to get the win over Rob Bennett, George Miller Moved on as Mark Earnest left -.009, Jason Wilson used a .007 RT to take out Tim Armstrong, and Dalton Roles picked up another round as Kyle Bigley left -.002.  In the semis, it was Roles leaving -.002 to send Miller to the finals and Wilson leaving -.003 to send Reklaitis to the final.  In the final, Reklaitis left .015 to Miller’s .033, Reklaitis ran a 7.211 on his 7.20 dial for the .026 package leaving Miller no room.




June 2-3 Results- 1st Points Races of 2018

With all the rainouts so far this year June 2 marks the first official points day of the season, although we did complete 1 Jr. Dragster points race in April.  There were 8 cars in the quarter finals of Saturdays race for the Jr. Dragster class.  Garrett Sprague got the win over Owen Roth, Shelby Wruble won over her brother Ryan Wruble, Gavin Shoemaker won over Francis Vignola and Melissa Wilson won a tough matchup with Jonathan Northrup.  In the Semis, Gavin Shoemaker pick up the win over Sprague by virtue of his .070 reaction time advantage and Melissa Wilson won a double breakout race with Shelby Wruble.  The finals paired last years 1st & 2nd place finishers in the class and 2017 champ Melissa Wilson pick up the win over Gavin Shoemaker with an .044 r/t 7.975 on 7.96 run.  Melissa also won the first points race in April giving her an early points lead after Saturdays race.


In the Street quarters, Dylan Biondo won a double breakout race over Emily Sabo, Rick Hafer picked up a .002 mov win, and Joe Clark took the single into the semi finals.  In the semis, Joe Clark took the win over a red lighting Hafer and Biondo took the solo run into the final round.  In the Final Biondo used a .032 reaction time advantage to pick up his first win in the Street class.


Six cars made up the Pro class quarters, Vinny DiMino won over Mike Mackey, John Groff III won a double breakout race with Brad Northrop, and Mike Dugan took out Kurt Holland in another double breakout.  Groff’s .013 rt earned him the bye run into the final as DiMino took on Dugan.  DiMino left with the starting line advantage .013 to .046 and picked up the double breakout win.  In the final, Groff’s .009 to .031 rt advantage was too much for DiMino to over come giving him the win.


Two door cars and five dragsters were left in the quarters of Super Pro, Robert DiMino Jr. in the Numidia Dragway Sponsored S-10 laid down a .010 package on Joe Barush Jr who was shutout with his .019 rt, Dalton Roles was .009 and took .009 to take out Jay Ralston who was .003 but couldn’t cover the dial, Brian Nolf in the corvette laid down an .018 package to take out Mark Earnest who was .010 but gave up the stripe by .004, and Kyle Bigley took the bye backing up his .005 package the previous round with another .005 pack.  In the semis, DiMino left .006 to Nolf’s .005, but Nolf’s couldn’t cover his dial sending DiMino into the final.  In the other semis matchup, Roles had trouble on the starting line as Bigley left .001 running it out to a dead on 6, .007 package to move on.  Both drivers came into the final round running hot on the tree and they both continued.  DiMino left first with a .004 rt in his 9.72 dialed S-10, Bigley followed with a .008 in his dragster.  At the finish line, DiMino runs 9.726 laying down another .010 package to take out Bigley.  DiMino picked up a $5k win last weekend in his dragster and came back this weekend to pick up the $2k Super Pro win.



Sunday Results

Six were left in Sundays Jr. Dragster quarters, Ryan Wruble got the win as Francis Vignola went red, Bobby Fortuna took out Jonathan Northrop in a double breakout, and Shelby Wruble picked up a double breakout win over Walter Zalak.  Shelby rode the bye to the final as Ryan took on the Lil Tuna.  Ryan left with a .005 rt, taking out Tuna to advance to a final round matchup with his sister Shelby.  In the final, Ryan left .026 to Shelby’s .043 and Ryan held on for the win running dead on his dial 7.901 on a 7.90 dial.  With only 3 races in Shelby Wruble holds a slim lead over Melissa Wilson in the points standings.


In the Street semis, Rick Morris took out Joe Clark running a dead on his 11.54 dial and Mike Mackey took out Gabe Earnest on a double breakout.  In the final Mackey, 2017 NHRA D1 Champion,  used a big starting line advantage to take out Morris and pick up his first win of the season.


Down to five left in Pro, DJ Clark took out Jeff Krushinskie.  Clark was .008 and ran 11.048 on his 11.04 dial for the .016 package, Krushinskie made a solid run .022 rt running a 8.758 on his 8.75 dial to be .014 behind at the stripe.  Vinny DiMino pick up the win over Al Shaver(Grocery Getter), DiMino was .017 running 8.946 on his 8.94 dial, Shaver was .049 forcing him to breakout.  Mark Price in his Mustang took the bye run courtesy of his .009 rt the previous round.  With both Clark and Price earning bye runs in previous rounds, that left DiMino with the bye to the final.  Trustart came into play in the semis as Clark left first going -.003 and Price followed with a -.025, Setting up the Pro final round matchup of 2017 Street Champ, DJ Clark, and 2017 Super Pro Champ, Vinny DiMino.  In the final both drivers remained strong on the tree both leaving with .015 rt.  It came down to the finish line as Clark picked up the win running dead on his dial 10.960 on a 10.96 for the .015 package, DiMino got to the stripe first by .006 but broke out with a 8.944 on an 8.95 dial.



Six were left in Super Pro, Wes Siegel took out Saturday’s winner, Robert DiMino Jr. in a double breakout, Al Shaver, making a surprising deep run in both classes used a .007 dead on 10.290, .007 package to take out Jay Ralston.  Ralston was .006 needing to take .001 or less at the stripe but broke out.  Mark Morgan got the win over Ken Crown who had issues on the line.  Shavers .007 rt earned him the bye to the final and left Mark Morgan to run Wes Siegel.  Morgan picked up the double breakout win by just .004.  In the final, Shavers day came to an end as he lit the red light giving the win to Mark Morgan.

Memorial Weekend Shootout