Memorial Weekend Shootout


Employees Wanted

We have positions to fill for the 2018 season.  Currently looking for an experienced starter and other track worker positions.  Call 570-351-5300 or email to set up an interview.

Mudbog 2018



Click here for Rules: Mud drag-bog rules

Quick 8 back in 2018!

The Friday Night Quick 8s presented by Jensen Engine Technologies and Kocher Chassis will be back in 2018 with an exciting new format.  First change will be the 1/8 mile finish line.  Main reason for the change is to allow a quick turnaround for the teams that running this event on a Friday night schedule demands.  The biggest change for 2018 will be the addition of the “coin flip.”  The ladders will be set using the same format as in previous events ( 8- car field, Sportsman Ladder).  Once the ladder is set we will flip a coin, if the coin lands “heads up”, the race will be heads-up.  If it lands tails, the race will be a bracket race.


Street cars with current PA registration and insurance.
Any tire is allowed.
No open headers.  Exhaust must exit through the body, under the sides, or out the rear of the car.
No delay boxes in or on the car anywhere!


#1 Qualifier Bonus- $100
#8 Qualifier Bonus- $25
Winner- $350
R/U- $150
Semis- $35

Dates: (No Rain Dates)

May 11th
June 8th
July 13th
September 7th
October 12th



2017 NHRA D1 ET Finals Recap

Thank you to all the racers and spectators who came out to support the bracket finals at Numidia Dragway.  Thursday turned out to have the best weather of the weekend and we were able to run a full gamblers race with buybacks and finish the event by 9:30 PM.  We had rain on Friday along with a few oil downs that prevented us from being able to finish the gamblers race.  Rain came in Saturday afternoon around 3:30  during the main event but we had it dried up and the track ready by 6pm to finish the race and crown champions.

Race of Champions Results

Super Pro
Winner- Bob Murphy Jr.- Cecil County
R/u- Chris Camplone- Maple Grove

Winner- John Crutchfield- Cecil County
R/U- Michael Rosa- Lebanon Valley

Winner- Dave Raser- Cecil County
R/U- Dave Harvey III- Atco

Winner- Barry Stephens- Island
R/U- Jeffrey Santin- Maple Grove


Main Event Results

Super Pro
Winner- Todd Martin- Island
R/U- James Moshier- Atco

Winner- Butch Wienreich- Cecil County
R/U- Chris Goiner- Raceway Park

Winner- Mike Mackey- Numidia
R/U- Bill Doczi- Raceway Park

Winner- Austin Youndt- Maple Grove
R/U- Jeffrey Tisdale- Lebanon Valley

High School
Winner- Kevin Kohr- Numidia
R/U- Anthony Capriose- Island

Team Champions: Cecil County Dragway