2018 NHRA D1 Jr. Dragster Championships


Pro-Dial Class July 28th

Pro Dial Rules:

  • .500 Pro Tree
  • Full bodied street appearing cars only
  • Throttle stops/controllers, delay boxes/devices PROHIBITED
  • After market automatic shifters or shifting devices PROHIBITED.  Car must be either shifted by the driver or be OEM.
  • Transbrake and two-step permitted
  • Deep Staging allowed, but auto-start will be on at all times


Numidia 150


This August Numidia Dragway will host its highest paying bracket race to date, the Numidia 150.  Friday & Sunday will pay $10k to the winner and Saturday will pay $20k to the winner with all payouts 100% guaranteed.  There’s a few things that will make this race unique to Numidia’s bracket racing regulars.  First this race is limited to only 150 entries, the main reason for this is to insure that all the racers get plenty of track time and the races will be completed in a timely manner.  Another unique aspect of this race is the 1,000ft finish line.  Typically Numidia runs 1/4 mile racing, the 1,000ft finish line is an effort to attract racers that prefer 1/8 mile bracket racing and to bring something fresh to Numidia bracket racers.  Pre-entries will start being taken on June 1st, only $190 will be required to ensure your spot in this race, the balance will be due at the gate.

Run What Ya Brung 4- July 27, 2018

Click for Flyer: runwhatyoubrung727