Weekend Results April 29-30

This weekend marks the first Sat/Sun points race of the season thanks to the rainout last Saturday and with the 1st double of the season came double winners.  Drivers in Street and Pro doubled up and won both races of the weekend, while a S/pro driver had to settle for a Win and R/U.


Starting off with Saturdays Jr. Dragster action, Jarrod Kissinger , Timmy Danley, and Liberty Ferster each made their way to the semi finals.  Liberty enjoyed the bye run to the final and left Danley and Kissinger to battle it out for a spot in the final.  Jarrod had the reaction time advantage and turned it into a win light to advance to the final to face Ferster.  In the final Kissinger used a .036 reaction time paired with a 7.934 on a 7.90 dial to take the win.  Ferster was behind on the tree and ran 8.040 on a 7.98 dial.


The first pair of the semi final in street was Joe Clark in his Nova taking on Kevin Fahey in his charger.  Fahey lit the red light and handed the win to Clark.  The other semifinalists were DJ Clark and last week’s winner Bryce Vollman.  Only .002 separated them on the tree, but Vollman slowed and Clark was able to pick up the win and join his father in the final round.  In the Final, DJ treed his old man big time .012 to .118 and thats all he needed to pick up the win.


In the quarters of pro Dylan Weader used a .000 light to knock out Mike LaRose in his 8.50 Dart.  Ray Thurston IV got the win over a red lighting Sean Steffey.  In the final pair of the round Mark Dennebaum took out Harry Bartman.  By virtue of his .000 light Weader earned the coveted bye run to the final and left Dennebaum and Thurston to face off.  Thurston just missed with a -.003 to send Dennebaum on.  In the Final, Weader lit the red light giving Dennebaum the win.  Mark was ready posting a .001 light and running a 8.993 on his 8.98 dial.  Remember with the new TruStart rules Weader’s red light did not show until Dennebaum left, making Dennebaum stay aggressive on the tree.


With 5 left in S/pro Jack Ostrowski earned the bye with his .000 light the previous round.  Brad Givler got the double breakout win over Matt Reklaitis by.002.  Mark Earnest used a .015 light and 7.547 dead on pass to knock out Nino Reginella.  In the semis Earnest got the bye run and Ostrowski took on Givler.  Givler had the advantage at the start .013 to .023 but couldn’t run the number allowing Ostrowski to take the win by .001.  In the Final, Ostrowski had the starting line advantage .015 to .020 and ran dead on his 7.27 dial to take the win.


Motorcycle 1st round/final round: Sam Koonsman over William Danley



3 different drivers represented Sunday’s Jr. Dragster semis, Melissa Wilson got the win over Robert Keller to advance into the final and Ryan Wruble took the bye run.  Both drivers were on their game in the final Wruble was .015 at the hit and ran 7.914 on his 7.91 dial to take the win.  Wilson was .021 on the tree but slowed on top end to give Wruble the win.


Familiar faces made up the street semis, Joe Clark got the bye to the final and DJ Clark Clark got the win over Rick Hafer to head to the final against his dad for the second day in a row.  DJ killed him on the tree again posing a .000 reaction time and a 12.759 on a 12.74 to take the win.  DJ was .012 and .000 in 2 finals this weekend against his dad.  Joe was .118 and .059.  Its safe to say that the kid gave the old man a lesson this time.


With 5 left in Pro, Ed Bigley earned a by with his .001 light the previous round.  Mark Dennebaum used an .011 light and 8.912 on a 8.90 dial to take out Tom Campanicki in his Olds 442.  Tom made a decent run with an .045 light and and dead on pass, but it wasn’t enough to get by Dennebaum.  Sean Steffey got the double breakout win over John Reklaitis to advance to the semis.  Dennebaum received the bye to the final.  Bigley used an .019 reaction to take out Steffey who could not run the number.  In the Final, Dennebaum left Bigley no room with a .008 reaction time and a 8.918 0n 8.90 dial to earn his second win of the weekend.  Word is that Mark’s daughter gave birth on Tuesday.  Its been a great few days for the Dennebaum family.


In the quarters of super Vinny DiMino and Adam Bochon had a great race with a bye run to the final on the line.  Only a .010 head start for Bochon, 7.32 dial to DiMino’s 7.31, as he left first with a .003 reaction time to DiMino’s .004.  At the strip DiMino got the win running a 7.310 for the .004 package.  Bochon broke out by .004.  Dalton Roles had the advantage over Jack Ostrowski but count run the number sending Ostrowski to the semis to face Brad Givler taking a bye run.  In the  semis Ostrowski used a .oo5 7.184 on 7.18 dial .009 pack to take out Givler.  In the Final, Ostrowski just missed on a chance to double up going -.001 handing the win to DiMino who was .006 on the tree, his sixth reaction time of .006 or better in as many rounds.


3 motorcycles made the call today with Danley got the win over Koonsman, a reverse of Saturdays result.


Charlotte 4 Wide Nationals Winners

Congratulations to 1st time NHRA Stock Eliminator winner Kyle Kohr.  Kyle pick up the win in Stock Eliminator this past weekend at the Charlotte 4-Wide Nationals.  Kyle was joined in the Winners Circle by another Numidia Dragway regular Peter Biondo who picked up the win in Super Stock for his 51 national event victory.20170430_16130220170430_155441

ET Limits S/pro and Pro at Numidia Dragway

There seemed to be some confusion on ET Limits this weekend.  For points and money races the ET limits is Super Pro and Pro are 6.50 and 8.50 respectively.  Meaning the quickest you can dial in SP is 6.50 and 8.50 for pro.

Also motorcycles are allowed to enter S/pro, Pro, and Street as long as they fit into the rules of the class.  They must enter the Motorcycle class to enter another class.  For example: Street is an 11.50 ET limit class.  For a motorcycle to run that class they must be  “street legal” in conjunction with class rules and dial no quicker than 11.50.  Motorcycles running S/pro may run full electronics.  Motorcycles in Pro will be allowed a two-step.

April 23 Results

After a miserable rainy Saturday, the first summit series points race of the year was postponed until Sunday.  Sunday brought in beautiful weather and great racing.


The quarter finals of Super Pro saw a mix of 3 fast dragsters and a pair of 8 second door cars.  Jon-Jon Ciccarone earned the bye into the semi final round with his .002 reaction time the previous round.  Jeff Krushinskie, driving Jimmy Zimmerman’s Camaro, faced off with Matt Reklaitis in his American dragster.  Jeff got the win by virtue of his .019 reaction and 8.989 on 8.98 dial.  His .028 package was better than Matts reaction time forcing him to breakout.  The final pair of the round was Brock Moshier in his Vega wagon taking on Kyle Bigley in his Undercover dragster.  Brock used a .000 reaction time .005 package to take out Bigley.  Kyle was .011 on the tree and dropped to .02 above, knowing his only chance was getting behind and hoping for Brock to run under his dial.   Brocks .000 reaction earned him the bye run in the semis and left Jeff paired up with Jon-Jon.  Jeff laid down another .029 package giving him the win as Jon-Jon missed the tree and broke-out.  In an all door car super pro final, Krushinskie took the win by .001 over Moshier in a double breakout.


With 7 cars left in Pro Walter Morgan earned the bye with his .012 light the previous round.  The first pair of the quarters saw a match-up of Scott Tupper in his Camaro taking on Ray Thurston IV in his ’66 Plymouth.  Tupper used a .007 light and a .012 package to take out Thurston.  The next pair saw John Binkle in his 8 second roadster taking on Brad Northrop in his 9 second Camaro. Binkle used his .010 reaction to move into the semi finals.  The final pair of the round was Brock Moshier and Mark Dennebaum in his 63 Corvette.  Both Moshier and Dennebaum were going rounds in both Super Pro and Pro.  Dennebaum went .012 red sending Moshier to the semis.  In the semis, Moshier faced off with Tupper.  Moshier got the advantage off the line .028 to .042 and ran dead on his dial with a 1 for a .029 package.  Tupper also ran dead on with a 1.  In the other semi final matchup John Binkle took on Walter Morgan.  Morgan had the starting line advantage .018 to .020, but Binkle got the W running 8.668 on his 8.66 dial taking .007 finish line.  Morgan ran 10.047 on his 10.03 dial giving him a .035 package to Binkle’s .028.  In the Final Moshier got the starting line advantage and the win.  This was not the first time Brock has been in both the S/pro final and Pro final at Numidia, he picked up the win in both classes a couple years ago.


The semis of Street saw a couple of Jr. Dragster racers and 1 old guy.  Bryce Vollman earned the bye run to the final in his first race in the street class.  Rick Hafer in his Buick faced off with Mark Price Jr in his 68 Mustang.  Hafer used his .008 advantage at the tree to take the win.  In the Final, Vollman used his .020 reaction advantage to turn on the win light in his race.


In the Jr. Dragster Semis Mark Price Jr. earned the bye run to the final, as Melissa Wilson and Jonathan Northrup paired up.  Both Wilson and Northrop were hitting the tree great all day.  In this round Northrop had the advantage off the start .037 to .048, but broke out by .001 handing the win to Wilson running 7.970 on her 7.96 dial.  In the final Wilson got the double breakout win over Price  running 7.953 on her 7.96 dial.


In a huge field of Motorcycles William Danley picked up the win.  There was literally 1 motorcycle in the class today. He paid $35 at the gate.  He made a few passes and we paid him $125.  Please lets get some motorcycle racers to show up for a points race.


Next weekend we do it all again.  April 28-30th, Friday night street racing.  Summit Series points on Saturday and Sunday.






TruStart in effect

TruStart will be used at Numida Dragway for all classes in 2017.  For those not familiar this is a new feature to the timing system when both cars “red” light the win goes to the driver who went red the least.

For example:

Left Lane                          Right Lane

9.50 Dial                           7.50 Dial
-.001 red                            -.007 red


Tree will show a green light for the slower dialed car until the quicker car leaves.

Any questions see Vinny at the track and he will explain.

June 24-25 Mudbog/ Mud Drags

Mudbog 2017