2017 NHRA Division 1 ET Finals

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Weekend Results 8-5 & 8-6

Saturday August 5th

Super Pro

Winner- Brad Givler
Runner-up- Bobby Fortuna
Semis- Mark Siegel
Quarters- Bob Kolibsky, Robert DiMino Jr.




Winner- Vinny DiMino
Runner-up- John Binkle
Semis- Mark Dennebaum, Ed Sabo Jr
Quarters- Mike haines, Adam Werner, Kim Morris


Street- Bob Mackey Memorial Street Series


Winner- Joe Clark
Runner-up- Mike Mackey
Semis- Gabe Earnest
Quarters- Tom Correll, Emily Sabo, Bob Ormsbee

With only 1 BMMSS Race remaining for the 2017 Season Joe Clark’s Win put himself in good postion for another BMMSS Championship with a 44 point lead over 2nd place Mike Mackey.  The final race is August 26th.  Joe Clark has the best odds of winning the BMMSS Championship, but Mike Mackey and Gabe Earnest are still in it coming into the final race.


Jr. Dragster


Winner- Lane Kahley
Runner-up- Ben Spotts
Semis- Lil Tuna(Bobby Fortuna), Brai Tate
Quarters- Melissa Wilson, Maddie Stephens, Mark Price Jr., Gavin Shoemaker

Sunday August 6th

Super Pro

Winner- Randy Krause
Runner-up- Bobby Fortuna
Semis- Robert DiMino Jr.
Quarters- Mark Siegel, Matt Reklaitis

A great weekend for the Big Tuna, 2 final round appearances coming up just short in both.  Heading into the final weekend of the 2017 points season.  Jeff Krushinksie remains up front with a 4 round lead over 2nd place Vinny DiMino.  Jack Ostowski is a close 3rd with Brad Givler and Mark Siegel rounding out the top 5.  The top 7 are all mathematically alive for the championship, but most likely the champion will come down to Krushinskie, DiMino, or Ostrowski.  If Krushinksie, 2014 S/pro champ, hangs on to his lead he will be the first S/Pro Driver to win 2 championships since the DiMino Family took over Numidia Dragway in 2006.  DiMino and Ostrowski are looking for their first points championships.




Winner- Sean Steffey
Runner-up- Jeff Krushinskie
Semis- Vinny DiMino, John Binkle
Quarters- Brock Moshier, Harry Bartman, Kurt Holland

Mark Dennebaum continues to lead the pro points and with over a 6 round lead over 2nd place Kurt Holland, is the heavy favorite to take the points title.  Soggy Dunn, Ryan Geyer, and Vinny DiMino round out the top 5 and are all  barely mathematically alive for the championship.




Winner- Gabe Earnest
Runner-up- DJ Clark
Semis- Brandon Cox, Denny Renninger
Quarters- Shannon Fordyce, Mark Price Jr, Tom Harhart

DJ Clark remains atop the street points, and with an 8 round lead over 2nd place Joe Clark, has all but wrapped up his 2017 Street Class Championship.  Coming into the final weekend Joe Clark is the only other driver that is still alive for the championship.  Brandon Cox, Mike Mackey, and Rick Hafer round out the top 5.


Jr. Dragster


Winner- Lorelie Hoover
Runner-up- Shannon Fordyce
Semis- Matt Witkowski, Bethany Fluck
Quarters- Lil Tuna, Maura Evans, Jaiman Dietz, Brai Tate


The Jr. Dragster points title is up for grabs.  Melissa Wilson is currently in 1st and will represent Numidia Dragway in the race of champions at the D1 Jr. Championships.  Heading into the final weekend Gavin Shoemaker is only 1 round behind.  Ryan Wruble, Lorelie Hoover, and Tim Danley Jr. round out the top 5.

NHRA D1 Jr. Dragster Championship

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July 30th Results

Picking up with Sundays Jr. Dragster quarter final round, Jaiman Dietz won over Brai Tate, Melissa Wilson took out Ryan Wruble, and Shelby Wruble won over Lorelie Hoover.  In the semis, Jaiman Dietz picked up a win over Melissa Wilson, Dietz had the rt advantage and ran closer to his dial to advance to the final round.  Shleby Wruble took the semi final bye run.  In the final Dietz nearly mirrored his semi final run and the results were the same as he picked up the win over Shelby Wruble.  Sunday was the last day to decide the Race of Champions representative, Melissa Wilson’s semi final appearance was enough to secure her spot at #1 in the points.  Gavin Shoemaker, Ryan Wruble, Tim Danley Jr, and Shleby Wruble round out the top 5 in Jr. Dragster points.


In the quarters of street, Mike Mackey took out Bryce Vollman, Brandon Cox, took out Rick Hafer, Rick Morris took out Gabe Earnest and Joe Clark took the bye to the semis.  In the semis, Mackey took out Morris and Cox left -.009 giving the win to Clark.  In the final, Mackey got the win over Clark.  DJ Clark continues to lead the street class in points with a nearly 2 race lead over 2nd place Joe Clark, with only 4 points races remaining.  Brandon Cox, Mike Mackey, and Rick Hafer round out the top 5.


In the pro quarters, Brock Moshier took out Sean Steffey, Kurt Holland beat Ryan Geyer, Vinny DiMino picked up a win over Kim Morris, and Jeff Krushinskie took the last bye of the race.  In the semis, Krushinskie had a small .003 rt advantage over Moshier (.007 to .010) but got behind at the stripe sending Moshier to the final.  Kurt Holland lit the red light by just -.004 sending DiMino to the final round against Moshier.  In the final, Moshier left DiMino no room with his .004 RT and 8.964 on 8.95 dial for the .018 package. DiMino was .036 RT 9.088 on 9.08 dial.  Moshier was locked in on the bottom bulb all day varying just .012 in his RT (.004 to .016).  Mark Dennebaum remains in the #1 spot in pro points but his lead has shrunk over the past few weeks.  Soggy Dunn is sitting in 2nd followed by Ryan Geyer, Kurt Holland, and Mike Mackey.


Five were left in the Super pro quarters, Jeff Krushinskie took out Dan Marinelli, Vinny DiMino took out Brian Vollman, and Mark Siegel took the bye run.  In the semis, DiMino took the bye run to the final, his 3rd final round of the weekend, as Siegel matched up with Krushinskie.  Krushinskie left first with a .001 to Siegel’s .023.  Krushinskie got to the stripe first by .011 giving him the win and his  2nd final round of the weekend.  In the final, Krushinskie dialed the Allan Sinko owned firebird to a 8.19 and DiMino dialed his Race-tech dragster to a 7.41.  DiMino held a .002 RT advantage (.014 to .016) and got to the stripe first by just .004, but broke out by .002.  Krushinskie ran 8.190 on his 8.19 dial and picked up the win with the .016 package.  The win was Krushinskie 2nd of weekend (Pro on Sat) and DiMino’s 3rd Runner up of the weekend(SP on sat, SP & Pro on Sun).  Jeff Krushinskie remains in the #1 Spot in points, about 3 rounds ahead of Vinny DiMino in 2nd.  Jack Ostrowski, CJ Drake, and Randy Krause round out the top 5 in points.